Jewelry Appraisals

Jewelry appraisals are a very important part of owning that special piece. The value of your favorite piece of jewelry goes well beyond the memory of where it came from. Whether it’s been passed on from a family member, or something you picked up on that special trip, we know that every piece of jewelry has a special meaning to you.  Our staff is here to help educate and inform you about your most treasured jewels.  This includes assessing their current value, as well as quality and description. Our GIA Graduate Gemologists can evaluate just about any type of jewelry or stone. Our staff will then inform you about its value and design.  Kristin and her employees will be more than happy to make any suggestions about potential insurance protection. This can aid in any damage or loss of that piece. All jewelry appraisals are done by appointment only, and require at least 60 minutes for each appointment. We look forward to helping you add to the value of your jewelry.