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Custom Jewelry Design in Harrisburg, PA

Kristin Novinger is known throughout Central PA for her custom jewelry designs.  Whether one wants to remount their heirloom jewelry or make a piece from scratch, Kristin will help you to create your perfect piece of jewelry.

Her custom jewelry design process begins with an initial consultation where she is able to discuss with you your ideas to gain a better understanding of what you are after, your style, and needs.  From here jewelry designs are traded until arriving at the perfect design.  Kristin involves the customer in every step of making their new jewelry, which helps to ensure a perfect piece of jewelry they helped create.

Featured Designer

Bastian Inverun logo

We have been making jewelry at Bastian since 1974. From the very outset, we have always followed the one and same philospohy: Designs that are in line with the latest trends, but that are also made for eternity. Using only natural materials - shining sterling silver, brilliant gold, twinkling diamonds, shimmering pearls, and fascinating precious stones - we create precious and solid jewelry of the…